In versions of Shiny prior to 1.4.0, certain Shiny features didn't work because SVGs introduced by the networkD3 package interfered with Shiny's JavaScript. In particular, Shiny used he 'body' selector under the assumption there would be only one body element on the page. This wasn't always true when networkD3's sankey plot was involved, as it introduced its own 'body' tags inside SVG markup.

This problem caused datepicker, progress, and bookmarking dialogs not o work, so we test them all here.

More information can be found on this PR:


  1. Selecting a date in the time period on the left should work correctly.
  2. Clicking 'Show Progress' button should display a progress bar at the bottom right of the page.
  3. Clicking 'Bookmark…' button should show a modal that the bookmark link can be copied from.